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Kemira Italy SpA

/Chemical Sector
Kemira Italy SpA
2014 - 2016
Kemira Italy Spa,
San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)
Chemical works
Polymer production plant/storage plant,
temperature control and acrylic acid transfer

This was two projects in one: the creation of a polymer production plant (Relocation) and an acrylic acid storage and transfer plant.

These were part of an important investment plan created by Kemira for its San Giorgio di Nogaro plant with the intention of modernising and extending plant production.

Our relationship with Kemira began at the beginning of this investment and has continued over the years thanks to a partnership built on a successful working relationship between our respective technicians.

The project was a challenge in a number of ways with the foremost being:
a tight deadline;
a need to establish technical co-operation rapidly;
the need to align to client standards, then entirely new to us.

  1. EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management)
  2. Base engineering
  3. Permit procedures
  4. Executive engineering
  5. Project management
  6. Work management
  7. Safety co-ordination
  8. Commissioning
  9. Trials, final book.

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