Put our skills to the test.

We throw ourselves into the challenge every time, streamlining the processes as much as possible and looking for the most effective and rapid solution.

At BPM it is our philosophy which makes the difference and working flexibly is the most important objective. It won’t take much for you to see us in action because right from your very first contact with us we turn the information you share with us into design inputs.
Ours is a streamlined, fluid organisation capable of adapting to client and market needs but there are certain core beliefs which define our identity.

Our core principles


We have learnt that people work
well when they interact:
this is true of us and
even more so of our clients.


We try to find out what
each project’s objectives are.
This enables us to find the information
we need and build a project team without fail.


Our aim is to supply our clients
immediate but also long lasting benefits.
It is only in this way that long term
professional relationships can be built.


We are entrepreneurial and capable,
understanding the importance
of honesty and respect for everyone’s work.

High certification standards.

Having always worked with international sector leaders means that our standards comply with the most stringent certifications.
This is supplemented by scrupulous attention to each single project phase, enabling us to achieve solutions which stand the test of time

Certificato ISO 45001Certificato ISO 9001Quality and safety policy

Having brought together design engineering and technical consultancy services,
project management and assistance under a single roof means we are
the only firm you’ll need to deal with right through your project.

What we do

Speak to a
BPM expert

Whether you’re looking for technical
consultancy for an existing plant or
wanting to launch a new project,
get in touch to see us in action.